Cyber Security

Minimise the risk of compromised data which could cost your business thousands

Data privacy is at the forefront of many users’ minds. With our Cyber Security solutions, we minimise the risk of compromised data, protecting your reputation and your bottom line.

Avoid the downtime and stress caused by malicious cyber attacks

Compromised data incidents halt workflow and productivity as you get systems back up and running. Investing in robust Cyber Security solutions not only minimises the chance of an attack, but also ensures you’re up and running faster if the worst happens.

Continually evolving our service to protect you against the latest threats

Cyber criminals and hackers continually change their tactics to try and infiltrate even the most sophisticated security systems. We regularly evolve our Cyber Security solutions to ensure we’re using the most up-to-date prevention tactics to keep you safe.

Multi-layered security Suite to prevent cyber threats

The more complex your security suite, the harder it is for cyber criminals to hack. We use a multi-layered approach to create multiple shields around your networks, software and data, better protecting them from attacks.

Security audit and solutions to secure your entire network - giving you confidence your business is protected

As well as building a comprehensive, bespoke security solution for your business, we also regularly audit your systems to evaluate your defences and keep them resilient. You’ll have total confidence that your business is protected against even the most malicious hackers.

In-house training to ensure your staff are alert to potential Cyber Security threats

9 out of 10 cyber threats come from emails delivered directly to your staff. As part of your Cyber Security package, we’ll conduct in-depth training with your team and regular audits to ensure they’re always alert to potential new threats.

It is widely recognised that employees are vulnerable to targeted attacks. Security incidents are significantly reduced by raising employee awareness of cybercrime, training employees with the correct skills and keeping them vigilant.

SAPAS: The Five Vectors of Cyber Protection

As data volumes grow and methods of access change, safeguarding your data – and the applications and systems that rely on it – involves addressing complex and often competing considerations. Called the Five Vectors of Cyber Protection, Acronis has developed a unique approach that successfully balances these requirements.

  • 01 Safety

    Ensure that reliable copies of your data, applications, and systems are always available

    Being “safe” means avoiding things that can cause injury, pain, and loss – which are critical in the digital world. That’s because unlike physical items, digital assets are much more vulnerable and can be easily destroyed – either accidentally or on purpose.

    Creating reliable backups of your data, applications, and systems – and storing them in a way that ensures information is available when you need to recover something – is the only way to keep everything safe.

  • Make your data, applications, and systems easily available from anywhere at any time

    In today’s mobile world, we carry more computing power in our pocket than was used to send a man to the moon. To take advantage of that technology, we need to access our data, applications, and systems from wherever we are.

    Cyber protection ensures that access, while balancing it against the need to keep digital environments and assets safe, private, authentic, and secure. Locking a hard drive in a vault makes the contents safe but inaccessible – so it’s not useful.

  • Control who has visibility and access to all of your digital assets

    From identity theft to corporate espionage, keeping things private is a basic need for individuals and companies alike. Yet the recent spike in breaches around the world shows that few companies are taking appropriate steps to combat modern incursions.

    Limiting who can view and use your data, applications, and systems should be under your complete control – whether that’s managing permissions for users or employing enterprise-grade encryption to block prying eyes.

  • Create undeniable, certifiable proof that a copy is an exact replica of the original

    Knowing that something is “authentic” means we can prove it is true or original. For IT pros, knowing a backup is authentic is vital since recovering a file, server, or entire infrastructure from an altered or corrupted version can put a company at risk.

    Given the threat posed by unauthorized alterations, users need a way to validate a backup’s authenticity before relying on it. Blockchain notarization offers indisputable proof that a file hasn’t been tampered with.

  • Protect your data, applications, and systems against today’s ever-changing cyberthreats

    At its most basic level, security means freedom from danger. Unfortunately, the digital world is filled with constantly evolving attacks – from ransomware that encrypts files to cryptomining malware that hijacks your system resources while injecting other threats.

    Securing your digital environment requires a protection strategy that includes an integrated defense that can stop all online threats, including new strains that exploit previously unknown vulnerabilities.


Benefits of Choosing Cyber Protect

Total Cost of Ownership

Control your data protection costs no matter how much data you’ve got to deal with. Acronis’ solutions are cost-effective and offer a transparent predictable licensing model with no hidden costs.


Acronis prevents your data from being corrupted, encrypted or otherwise altered without authorization through its integrated AI-based anti-malware defense, encryption, and secure backup storage.


Battle-tested for 15+ years by millions of users and in more than 100 data centers across the globe, Acronis solutions are proven to easily protect and quickly restore your data – whatever happens.

Full Control

With Acronis, you completely control your protection – including access to data, storage locations, file authenticity, etc. – so you’re always compliant with corporate or regulatory requirements.

Ease of Use

Acronis’ intuitive, touch-friendly interface ensures our solutions deliver a smooth, efficient user experience, so you can manage your protection simply while freeing valuable IT resources.

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