Business Resilience

With increasing reliance on IT and near zero tolerance for downtime it is crucial for all businesses to plan for the unexpected. The increase in ransomware attacks and high-profile data breaches over the last few years has reinforced the importance of data security and robust business continuity solutions.

Data loss can be devastating to any business, whether it be caused maliciously, through user error, by a system failure or a catastrophic event such as a fire or flood.

Understanding your business needs

No two businesses are the same, as such, some key considerations need to be made when selecting the right solution.

Acceptable Downtime

How long can your business survive without its data or servers in the event of an issue?

Acceptable Data Loss

Determines the frequency of backups to protect against short term data loss.

Data Retention

The period of time you require backups to be stored.

We can then recommend and implement a suitable business resilience solution tailored to your business needs.


Keeping your data safe and your business operational

Having proactive data backup procedures in place can add additional security for your business and allow you to handle any unforeseen data loss situations.

As part of our network operations centre, we pro-actively monitor the chosen business resilience solution you have in place, ensuring regular backups so your data is safe and accessible in preparation for any unforeseen downtime.

Shackleton can recommend and implement a suitable business resilience solution tailored to your business needs.

Aligning solutions to your changing needs

Data security isn’t just about protecting data from malicious outsiders. Recovery is a critical aspect of data security. You can’t predict when data loss will happen but you can ensure your business has the right solutions in place to protect your business.

As part of our 4-block framework, we will conduct regular reviews of your IT Infrastructure including your Business Resilience solutions. We will ensure the solution in place still aligns with business objectives and make recommendations for change if required.


Backup for Microsoft Office 365

There is a widespread misconception that data created and stored in the cloud does not need to be backed up. Microsoft operates on the shared responsibility model, meaning that they maintain their infrastructure but recovering your company data is your responsibility. When data is deleted or corrupted, companies face three major problems: Lost data, lost time, and lost cash.

Implementing a 3rd party Backup solution for Microsoft Office 365 can help you recover accidentally or maliciously deleted Microsoft 365 data, guard against outages, failed 3rd party integrations or ransomware attacks.

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